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1.People are impressed by me. *
2.Feeling that I “belong” is important to me *
3.I need to feel grounded. *
4.I don’t mind taking risks. *
5.I don’t fear change. *
6.A failure is not a failure if you keep trying. *
7.I believe in giving back. *
8.I’m good at taking care of people. *
9.I often worry about what people are saying about me. *
10.I like to have as much stability in my life as possible. *
11.It’s important to contribute to your community. *
12.I like to develop new ideas and projects. *
13.I’m security conscious. *
14.I like to be an example to others. *
15.I’m competitive. *
16.I hate the feeling of boredom. *
17.I know how to make connections with people. *
18.I constantly aspire to improve. *
19.Danger is never exciting to me. *
20.In most close relationships I’m usually the giver. *
21.There is always something new to be learned. *
22.I need to feel fulfilled. *
23.I frequently evaluate myself. *
24.I like for things to be predictable. *
25.I am more loving than most people. *
26.Recognition is very important to me. *
27.I like the feeling of exertion. *
28.I’m very careful of not over spending. *
29.Education is important to me. *
30.I’m a leader. *
31.I’m always looking for new experiences. *
32.I sometimes over extend myself in trying to help people. *
33.My routines and habits are important to me. *
34.I take pride in who I am. *
35.I like how learning something new changes my perspective. *
36.Sometimes the most important work is not what you’re being paid for. *
37.I’m not an adventurous person. *
38.No one would say that I’m selfish. *
39.I tend to spend beyond my limits. *
40.I like to feel important. *
41.Every failure is a learning experience. *
42.I like to learn in order to teach what i learn. *
43.I seek unity in my relationship. *
44.I like to make a difference. *
45.I refrain from acting when I’m not sure about all the consequences of my actions. *
46.I suffer when I feel blocked. *
47.I enjoy suspense. *
48.Prestige is very important to me. *
49.I’m a romantic. *
50.I’m constantly learning. *
51.Giving is more important to me than receiving. *
52.I like to be Number 1 *
53.I hate taking risks of any kind. *
54.I like to constantly develop myself. *
55.I like to give my time and energy to good causes. *
56.I like to be admired by others. *
57.I’m proud of my ability to learn new things. *
58.We are here to make this world a better place. *
59.I like to grow and develop in different areas. *
60.Personal relationships are the most important thing in my life. *
61.Sometimes I can be intimidating. *
62.I often look for new forms of entertainment. *
63.I’m concerned about anything that might be risky. *
64.Being fulfilled in your work is more important than being admired. *
65.I strive to improve my skills. *
66.I get close to people by being generous with money, time and energy. *
67.I like to think carefully before I go into action. *
68.Sometimes I like the thrill of experiencing fear. *
69.I need to feel respected. *
70.When we stop growing, we die. *
71.The feeling of togetherness is important to me. *
72.For life to make sense, you have to leave a mark in the world. *
73.Feeling comfortable at all times is important to me. *
74.I enjoy being involved in many different activities. *
75.I’m always comparing myself to others in terms of success. *
76.I need to have passion in my relationship. *
77.If I’m not contributing to others, my life is meaningless. *
78.When making a decision, I often think about what might be more enjoyable. *
79.I can’t stand to feel stagnant. *
80.I need to feel as safe as possible at all times. *
81.If I commit to something, I worry that something better might come along. *
82.I never want to be seen as a loser. *
83.I don’t care about having much stability in my life. *
84.I have a mission. *

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